About Josh Horn

What I Do and How I’m Unique

I work with HVAC owners with $1 to $10 million in sales to value their businesses for exits and growth by providing reports and advice. My first clients were HVAC owners looking to buy or sell. I really enjoyed helping them and thought, “this is a great industry!” Everyone in the Midwest needs heating and cooling. Running a successful HVAC business requires more than customer demand though. You must execute in multiple areas of your business. I dug in and became an expert in valuing HVAC businesses.

How I Get Results for My Clients

When an HVAC owner calls, I hit the ground running because I understand the industry very well. Every industry has its own unique value drivers and the HVAC industry is no different. I focus on what matters, show you what is working, and what must be fixed to increase cash flows and value. I provide this to you with valuation reports, advice, and fractional CFO services.
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My Expertise and Credentials

I’m a CPA and business valuation analyst (CVA) with over 20 years of experience. Prior to starting my business, I provided business valuation, consulting, and tax services in a top 100 CPA firm. I advised companies in multiple industries including contractors, agriculture, transportation, restaurants, and professional practices. I was involved in all areas of income and estate taxes. I was also the controller for an international distribution company. I managed financial reporting, local and international accounting teams, cash, debt, bank compliance, budgeting, and the annual audit. You can review my detailed experience, training, and publications on my curriculum vitae here.

Do I Help Other Industries?

Yes. I value and provide advice to other industries on a case by case basis. I also assist attorneys with business valuations in divorce and litigation. My Attorneys Only page is here.

Services and Fees

-> Business Valuation for Sales and Owner Exits
-> Business Valuation for Purchases, Mergers, and Acquisitions
-> Business Valuation for Divorce
-> Business Valuation for Litigation
-> Fractional CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Fees are generally billed by project with estimates prepared for you upfront unless it is undefined. Billing begins after we determine the scope of your project and agree to work together. My minimum retainer is $3,000.

Ready to Talk?

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