Divorce Finances Solved by Expert

You’re tired. You’re under pressure. You’re facing enormous financial stakes. Who can you call for an efficient and successful result in your divorce or litigation case?

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You Want:
-> A focused specialist
-> Clarity
-> Value billing
-> Each financial problem solved at your direction
-> Settlement when possible

What I Do Well:
-> Identify core financial issues
-> Solve the problem you need solved
-> Use specific skills as a CPA, Business Valuation, and Litigation Support expert

How it Works:
-> Same day document review. Tax returns and financial statements.
-> Do you need me? I tell you upfront if I can add value to your case.
-> Report or strategy proposal. You decide whether we move forward based on my proposal.

What I Don’t Have:
-> Layers of management
-> Unfocused attention
-> Seasonal practice
-> Inability to help you ½ the year

I’m Not for Those Who:
-> Want a “hired gun.” My reputation is my biggest asset.
-> Want a “jack of all trades, master of none.” I’m a specialist.
-> Price shoppers. My services deliver value exceeding reasonable fees.
-> Need an army for their case. I’m a solo and can add contractors when necessary.

(Take a look at tools just for attorneys like you right here).

Can I Help You?
Josh Horn CPAHi, I’m Josh Horn and I assist Illinois attorneys and judges with business valuation, damages, fraud, and taxes in their family law and litigation cases as a neutral, consultant, or expert witness. Few CPAs are certified business valuation analysts south of Chicago. I don’t provide tax, financial statement, or bookkeeping services to clients. As a result, I have few conflicts of interest common to most CPAs. You get my dedication to helping you with business valuation and litigation as a specialist and not a “jack of all trades, master of none.” While business valuation and litigation support can be complex, I balance thoroughness with practicality. I solve the problem you need solved in what could be the biggest event in your client’s life. You can work with me all year, not just after tax season and I’m available to testify. After family and children, your case comes down to values and income. Critical analysis and judgments can mean a hundred thousand or even a million-dollar impact on your case. This is what I do best.

If these factors are important to you, I invite you to contact me.

“Your client’s future deserves better than today’s wild guess.” Josh Horn, CPA, Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA)

Josh Horn, CPA, CVA
Horn Valuation
[email protected]