The Promise I Made to Myself Before Starting My Business

I made one promise to myself before starting my business. I’ve never shared it publicly, although I’m not embarrassed to share it with you. Here it is:

I will never tell a client what they want to hear. Moreover, I will actively tell clients what will help them even if it hurts their feelings

Why This Promise?
When I was a young employee years ago, I had no idea how important this was. Then, I started to see a lot of pain caused by not following this. So much pain, it became a Commandment.

What kind of pain? 
-> Mass layoffs.
-> Family members who never speak.
-> Retirement funds destroyed.
-> Businesses failing.
-> Bad employees retained.
-> Trust shattered.

There were times when I had others break the promise behind my back. Now, the buck stopped with me and I had no excuses. I make a point to say the promise out loud often. 

What’s your promise to yourself? Shoot me back a private message. 


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