Imagine Value as a Journey instead of a Destination


Imagine if everyone woke up tomorrow and decided business value was something to be achieved over time instead of ordered like fast food. What would this mean?

Better relationships with co-owners and employees
We’d recognize that our failure to empathize with others is holding us back. Without empathy, we’ll never get the cooperation we must have. With everyone rowing in the same direction, there’s no limit to what can be achieved. And this would mean…

Better documentation of processes
Once our hearts and minds are opened to the pain of others, we would be sure to document core processes. We wouldn’t do it to put it on the shelf. We’d do it intentionally and adjust it along the way, cross-training others to help. And this would mean…

No “single point of failure”
Nearly every private business in America is one lost person away from oblivion. It’s our nature to procrastinate. “That only happens to those types of businesses” we say. And then it happens to us when we’re least ready. We’d start to become keenly aware this means…

People are the most important asset
We’d stop looking for the latest marketing or tax gimmick and realize no one “shiny object” will save our business let alone drive its value to unimaginable heights. We’ve all seen what one good person can do for our business. We’ve also seen what one bad person can do too. And this would mean…

Culture above everything
Culture is the hardest thing to change in a business. It’s also the most powerful force a business has when it’s working. It’s like a secret weapon. We know what good culture looks like. Southwest Airlines. Disney. What about yours? Does it make you burst with pride or cringe? You can change it starting now. It will take time. The first step is to decide what you want your culture to look like and being unwavering in your resolve to get there. 

Value is a journey not a destination. Are you ready to start the trip? 


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