How Your HVAC Business Can Have Customers for Life


I will never forget when my HVAC provider rescued my family and made me a customer for life. In December 2017, I noticed a small trickle of water near my gas furnace. I wasn’t concerned because I maintained a religious bi-annual tune-up schedule and the furnace was only about ten years old. Nothing to fear, right? Unfortunately, when my HVAC serviceman came out, he discovered it was a cracked heat exchanger. Not only was my furnace likely to be unworthy of repair, it was dangerous to run. It was brutally cold and moving my family out of the house wasn’t going to work. I bit the bullet and replaced the system. More importantly, my HVAC provider started work right away and saved us from a very cold Christmas. I was a customer for life and tell this story all the time. You can’t buy advertising like this.


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 Josh Horn, CPA and Certified Valuation Analyst