Are Those Losses Real? This is How You Find Out


Hey everyone,

Whether you’re running a business or buying one, it’s important to understand losses. By “losses”, I mean when expenses exceed sales. In simplest terms, it’s when the income statement or profit and loss shows a negative number. You don’t need to immediately panic. You need to review the causes.

Here’s my list for non-accountants:
-> Are there personal expenses? (Pull those out).
-> Is it a Tax loss or a Cash loss? (You care about Cash).
-> Cash losses can’t keep going unless more money is invested or borrowed.

Or, stated another way…
-> Is the business worth more “alive than dead?” (Supporting a family without more debt, capital, or fraud).
-> How much cash is going in the owner’s pocket? (Assuming they’re following the rules).

Yes, there’s a lot more I could teach you about accounting if you had the time. But you don’t, so this will put you ahead of 90% of the world.


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