The Snow Must Go On


I just dug out from the biggest snowstorm we’ve had here in a while. We’re stuck at home, and since I prefer to have an empty house for recording (oh, the irony!), you’ll be spared from a video this week. As they say, the show (or snow) must go on. What I really want to do is tell you what I’m working on, how it might help you, and get your feedback.

Digging into HVAC Businesses

My plan is to go deep into the HVAC industry with specific webinars and posts designed to help these owners:

  • Make more Money
  • Work fewer Hours
  • Sell their Business for a Higher Price
  • Buy other HVAC Businesses
  • Find Buyers for their HVAC Business
  • Have more Fun

…among other things. If this is interesting to you and your clients, great. If not, that’s okay and you can opt out at any time. I’m grateful you hung with me this long.

Why the HVAC Industry?

  • We’ll always need heating and cooling but…
  • New HVAC businesses may be popping up faster than demand so…
  • Only the strong will survive.
  • I can help owners position their HVAC business with…
  • Specific tactics that will increase…
  • Cash flow and business value.
  • There are opportunities for growth but…
  • Only for those who look beyond what they’re doing now.

I’ve done significant homework on the HVAC industry. Now, it’s time to teach HVAC owners who are interested what I know and offer them an opportunity to be significantly better.

I’m still researching various webinar platforms and haven’t made a final decision. If you’re using a platform you like, please let me know which one and why.


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